Northern Rail Passenger Train at Ribblehead

Northern Rail liveried two-car 158 just coming off Ribblehead Viaduct

Passenger service

The current Train Operator on the S&C is Northern Rail. They operate diesel Sprinters and from 2007 these 158 units have all been refurbished. A series of 156 and 158 units have been especially liveried up, one of them all in S&C pictures. The S&C liveried train mainly operates on the North West area and as it is a 156 it does not run now over the S&C.

EWS freight Train on the Settle-Carlisle Railway

A long-distance shot of an EWS coal train

Freight trains

Two main operators run freight trains regularly on the line – DB Schenker (formerly EWS) and Freightliner. The main freight being carried is coal and gypsum. Cement trains have started running on an occasional basis. Also you can spot the odd DRS train and the ‘yellow peril’ route survey train run by Network Rail.

Virgin Train on the Settle-Carlisle Railway

Virgin Train on the Settle-Carlisle Railway

Virgin trains

During work on the West Coast Main Line there are often diversions over the S&C when Virgin trains operate on the line.

Tornado at Armathwaite Station

Tornado at Armathwaite Station

Special charter trains

Of great interest to many people are the occasions where steam trains run on the line. These steam and also diesel trains are operated by Charter companies and information on the running of these trains can be found out from the individual operator. For further information click here.

Tornado ran on the S&C the weekend of 3rd and 4th October 2009.

The picture shows Tornado heading south through Armathwaite station.