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The timetable from 31 March until 20 May is available here



Fares are dependent upon the journey being taken. Discounts for national railcards apply. Holders of Dales Railcards also benefit from discounts (subject to conditions of permitted area of travel). Special offers are also available at certain times throughout the year.

A Settle-Carlisle day ranger ticket costing £15 per adult and £7.50 per child is available for travel Leeds or Bradford Forster Square to/from Carlisle.  Railcard discount is available with this ticket (£9.90 per adult).  This ticket is only available to purchase at a booking office or from the conductor on the train, on the day of travel.  This special price ticket will only be available until 20 May 2017.

For more detailed information about fares go to or

Or click on the link to Virgin Trains where you can check fares and purchase tickets now. You can also visit any manned railway station in the UK to get fares and buy tickets for the Settle-Carlisle line.

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